Street Pastors are Christian Volunteers who patrol, mainly at night, to care, to listen and to help.

We are totally non-judgmental and not street preachers. We try to show the love of Jesus in a practical manner.

All Street Pastors are trained to deal with the problems likely to present on the streets and equipped to provide basic care and protection to the vulnerable. We do not get involved in violence but seek to dissipate tension before it escalates.

Street Pastors operate in 300 areas nationwide and have a record of reducing anti-social behaviour and related problems in all those areas.

Bideford Street Pastors first teams were commissioned in a service at Caesars Palace Nightclub on

13 June 2009.   Click  here for Commissioning Photos

They are currently patrolling Bideford in teams of four every Saturday night from  10.00 p.m. - 4.00 a.m. and on other occasions as required.

We occasionally patrol in Westward Ho!, Holsworthy and Torrington.

We are licensed by the Ascension Trust.

Bideford School Pastors started operation in December 2011 and is currently recruiting more  volunteers so that we can expend the service.

Bideford Street Pastors is a registered charity and totally reliant upon local funding.

Donations can be Gift Aided using the form on our downloads page.

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