We recycle your old cooking oils into Carbon Neutral Motor Fuels

07971 222717     duncan@devonwasteoils.co.uk


Oil Collections in Devon.

If you live in another area, we can point you to a local collector (click here for information)

We collect your waste oils and mixed fuels in one of our own biofuel powered vehicles.

Just email us or phone and we will call to collect.

Regular pickups can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Devon Waste Oils does not operate for a profit.

Devon Waste Oils are private persons individually operating within the guidelines of HMRC to recycle waste for personal use only.

Oil Supply

We do not supply fuel to the public. We may sell excess waste oils if available.

Any Quantity free collection for any quantity of 20 or more litres

Our Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes prove that you dispose of your waste responsibly, don’t risk the £5000 fine!