We recycle your old cooking oils into Carbon Neutral Motor Fuels

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Waste Transfer Notes

We provide a Waste Transfer note for all collections. If you keep these, you can prove to any agency that you are fully meeting your duty of care in disposing of your waste. Once it leaves your premises it becomes our responsibility.

Duty of Care

All users of cooking oils are legally required to store their oils responsibly and to dispose of them to approved handlers. You must be able to prove that you do. Devon Waste Oils is a private producer of biofuels. Under a government concession issued in July 2007, we do not have to register but we do have to conform to all Statutory Agency guidelines in carrying, converting or disposing of waste. For your protection, we have voluntarily registered as a ‘not for profit’ waste broker.

Residual Waste

As much as possible, we recycle everything we collect from you, including empty containers.